The Membership Fee

Full member: 10,000 yen
Student member: 3,000 yen (The annual student membership fee for the 2020 and 2021 can be exempted when a student is going to attend at 54th annual meeting. Application deadline is June 16, 2021 (Wednesday).)

How to log in

  • 1. Click "REGISTRATION".
  • 2. Enter the required information on the application screen and click "Confirm".
  • 3. After verifying the entered information on the confirmation screen, click "Provisional registration" to be registered provisionally.
  • 4. A transfer payment slip, to be used to make your annual membership fee payment, will be sent to you within two weeks.
  • 5. After you have paid the membership fee, complete the online membership registration.
  • 6. Once the administrative office has confirmed your payment, you will be officially registered as a member and sent a notification by e-mail.

Membership benefits

  • 1.You will be entitled to a free subscription to Development, Growth & Differentiation (one volume a year, consisting of nine issues).
  • 2.You will be entitled to present at the annual JSDB Meeting; the abstract book will be delivered to you in advance.
  • 3.You will receive an informative members-only e-mail from JSDB almost every month. The newsletter can also be faxed to you if you do not wish to receive it as an e-mail.

Regarding the handling of personal information

    The JSDB currently has less than 5000 members and is therefore exempt from the list of entities handling personal information under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. Nevertheless, any personal information collected by the JSDB will be handled in accordance with this law, and will only be used for the purposes listed below. Further, this information will not be provided to a third party without prior consent. Part of the management and administration of the membership database is outsourced; however, the outsourced contractor has also been requested to abide by the laws on handling personal information.
    Uses of Personal Information:
  • 1.Compiling the membership list (available only to other members)
  • 2.Elections for President and other administrative seats
  • 3.Contacting or sending materials to members
  • 4.Confirming status of membership fees
    JAPANESE SOCIETY of DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGIST is conforming GDPR, currently GDPR policy is preparing. You can refer for our private policy here. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) adopted by EU member countries fortifies data privacy rights, given individuals control over when and how personal information is gathered and used. GDPR mandates go into effect May 25, 2018.

Contact address for membership affairs

JSDB administrative office 
2-2-3 Minatojima-minami Chuo-ku
Kobe, Hyogo 650-0047, JAPAN
TEL: +81-78-306-3072 
E-mail :