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About World Cafe - 55th Annual Meeting for the Japanese Society of Developmental Biologists

About World Cafe

ワールドカフェについて/About World Cafe

At JSDB2022, we will hold an on-site version of World Café, which was very popular last year online (one and a half hours from 15:00 to 16:30 on the first day, May 31).

The World Café is an event that maximizes the connection between the participants of the conference. All participants are divided into groups of five or six, and within the groups, they introduce themselves, their research, and have discussions. By repeating this process, we produce opportunities for completely new encounters and collaborative research. In a large venue, we create connections between people who have only passed each other in the past. We would like as many people as possible to participate in this event.

準備する物/What to prepare

Please prepare presentation materials for self-introduction on A4 size paper, notebook PC, tablet, etc. If you have a poster or oral presentation, a summary of that presentation is also acceptable.

スケジュール(予定)/Tentative Schedule

Please gather at the lobby on the third floor of the conference building at 3:00 p.m. Tables for 5-6 people will be set up, so please take a seat at a table where you do not know anyone. A facilitator will be waiting at each table to serve as a moderator.

First of all, each of you should introduce yourself for one minute using the presentation materials (about 5 minutes).

Next, the facilitator of each table will nominate a person to give a topic. You may advertise your poster or oral presentation (within 10 minutes). 2 people will be asked to give a topic, and after 25 minutes, the first round is over.

After the first round, it is time to change seats. Please sit at a different table from the previous round, a table where you know as few people as possible. Round 2 begins. As in the first round, you will have 25 minutes for everyone to introduce themselves and for two people to discuss the topic. There will be three rounds in total. How many people will you be able to meet?