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Welcome Message - 55th Annual Meeting for the Japanese Society of Developmental Biologists

Welcome Message

Welcome to the 55th Annual Meeting of JSDB in Kanazawa!

We are pleased to announce that the 55th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Developmental Biologists will be held from May 31 to June 3, 2022 in Kanazawa city, Ishikawa prefecture. Since the beginning of 2020, Japan has been at the mercy of the corona disaster, and the 53rd Annual Meeting, which was to be held in Kumamoto, was switched to an online trial meeting. The 54th annual meeting, which was scheduled to be held in Sapporo in 2021, was eventually switched to an online meeting, but it was a unique meeting that incorporated various innovations that only online can provide. As you can see, the opportunity to participate in on-site conferences has almost disappeared, but on the other hand, we were able to experience various advantages that only online can offer.

On the other hand, I often hear people say that they are eager for on-site conferences. Online is certainly convenient, but it is difficult to expect unexpected encounters and irregular information exchange. In addition, the quality of communication is very different between face-to-face and online. I myself am feeling tired of online, so I would really like to enjoy on-site conferences soon.

Until July of 2021, vaccination against the new coronavirus was becoming common, and I was optimistic that the Kanazawa conference in June of the following year would be able to be held on-site without any problems. However, after seeing the limited effect of the vaccine and the spread of the delta strain, I am finding it very difficult to predict what the situation will be like one year from now.

However, we need to prepare a place in advance to hold an on-site meeting. In order to achieve our goal of holding on-site meetings as much as possible, we have reserved the Kanazawa Bunka Hall, but if at the last minute it becomes impossible to hold an on-site meeting, we will switch to an online meeting as soon as possible. There is also the option of a hybrid meeting, but it would be too complicated and costly to manage, so we will have to choose between onsite and online.

I am sure that everyone is devising ways to continue their research activities even in the midst of the corona disaster. I hope that we can provide you with a place where you can present the results of your research and enjoy free discussions, preferably onsite. I know that this is a stressful situation due to various restrictions, but I hope that we can overcome this and share an enjoyable meeting with everyone.

Makoto Sato
Chair of the 55th JSDB meeting organizing committee






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