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53rd Annual Meeting for the Japanese Society of Developmental Biologists

JSDB Travel Fellowship and VISA

Japanese Society for Developmental Biology – Travel Fellowship Program

Application deadline: January 20 (Mon), 2020 (Japan time)
February 28 (Fri), 2020 (Japan time)

Eligibility Undergraduate and graduate students in the Asia-Pacific region who attend an eligible JSDB annual meeting
(APDBN Homepage http://apdbn.org/about/index.html)
Eligible meetings 53rd annual meeting (Kumamoto; May 19- 22, 2020; joint meeting with APDBN)
# of fellowships 2020: 3 fellowships
※Multiple applications may be submitted from the same laboratory (same PI), however, only a maximum of two applications may be approved.
Application requirements 1. Must make a presentation (oral or poster)
2. Must attend all days of the meeting
Application materials 1. Presentation summary (including title, name of presenter, and affiliation); presenter’s age, position, and publications over past 5 years. (All information should fit on an A4 sheet of paper)

Application form for the fellowship(by WORD file)
Application form for the fellowship(by PDF file)

2. Letter of recommendation from the applicant’s PI
Selection process By a selection committee appointed by the JSDB organizer
Payment Payment to be made in cash (50,000 Japanese yen) at the meeting
Others 1.Within one month after the meeting, successful applicant must submit a report (approximately one A4 page in length) and a picture of the participant taken at the meeting venue.
2.2. Submission deadlines and other details will be posted on the meeting website
Handling of personal information The personal information obtained as part of this funding activity will only be used in activities necessary for the completion of the activity, such as application, review, notification of results, and payment of awards. The Japanese Society of Developmental Biologists at present has fewer than 5,000 members, and as such is exempt from the provisions on organizations handling personal information under Japanese law. However, the JSDB will nonetheless handle such information in a manner that complies with the intent of the relevant laws and will only use personal information for the limited activities described herein, and will not provide personal information it collects to any third party. Some personal information collected will be registered in a database maintained under contract by a third party vendor, but such vendors shall also be requested to comply with all applicable laws and conventions.

Applications should be submitted to: Prefecture
JSDB Secretariat
2-2-3 Minatojima-minamimachi
Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0047, Japan

Japanese Society for Developmental Biology - VISA

Application deadline: March 27(Friday), 2020 (Japan time)

If you need to apply for a visa to enter Japan, please make your flight arrangements as soon as possible, fill in the attached "Information sheet for visa," and send it to us by e-mail jsdb2020@jsdb.jp with a photocopy of your passport at your earliest convenience.

Information Sheet for VISA (by WORD file)
Information Sheet for VISA (by PDF file)

Please note that it is recommended that you send us the required document and information sooner, as the approval of visa may sometime require 1 month or longer.