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  Dates May 31st - June 3rd, 2016

  Venue Kumamoto City Civic Hall
(in Japanese)
Kumamoto City International Center (Kumamoto, Japan)

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  President Akira Nakamura(Kumamoto University)

  Language May  31  (in Japanese and English)
June 1-3 (in English)
Cancellation of the 49th JSDB meeting in Kumamoto

Dear Participants of the 49th JSDB Meeting in Kumamoto,

As many of you are already aware, a series of strong earthquakes have hit Kumamoto Prefecture. The current situation in Kumamoto City is as follows:

1.The meeting venues, Kumamoto City Civic Hall and International Center, were damaged by the quakes. We do not yet know the extent of their damage or the schedule for building repair.

2.The Kumamoto Airport terminal building was severely damaged. Although limited flight service recommenced on April 19, it will be some time before service can resume in full. The Kyushyu Shinkansen bullet train service has also been suspended and it is not known yet when they will resume operations.

3.Multiple geological faults run in parallel under the Kumamoto-Aso-Oita area, and several of these faults have become active, causing quakes during past couple of days. It remains difficult to predict how long it will take for the situation to settle down.

We have sought to find possible ways to hold the meeting. However, considering the current situation in Kumamoto as described above, we cannot guarantee a safe and comfortable environment for meeting participants in Kumamoto in less than six weeks. Therefore, on the behalf of the Meeting Organizing Committee, it is with great regret that I inform you that we have decided to cancel the 49th JSDB meeting in Kumamoto. We would like to express our apologies to meeting participants, especially to those who have already registered and reserved your trip to Kumamoto, for any inconveniences this will cause.

The JSDB steering committee is currently discussing how to handle your registration fees and abstracts, and we will inform you of the policy once the decision has been made.

We in Kumamoto are committed to recovering from the destruction of the earthquake and are working hard to rebuild the research infrastructure. We hope to welcome you to this area on another occasion in the near future.

With my best regards,

Naoto Ueno
President, JSDB

Akira Nakamura
Chair of the 49th JSDB meeting

Dear Participants of 49th Annual Meeting of JSDB,

As you may had heard, Kumamoto was hit by a series of serious earthquake in the past few days. We are now collecting information regarding the damage in the conference hall and other infrastructures if the Meeting can be conducted as scheduled. We try to inform you our decision by the end of this week.

Akira Nakamura(Kumamoto University)
President , 49th Annual Meeting of JSDB

Important Dates

  • Registration and submission of abstracts start: January 25 (Mon), 2016
  • Abstract submission deadline: February 10 (Wed), 2016 February 16 (Tue) 18:00JST
  • Pre-Registration deadline: April 18 (Mon), 2016

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