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Welcome to the 46th Annual Meeting of JSDB in Matsue!

“Get back to the origin“

I am pleased to inform you that the 46th annual meeting for the Japanese Society of Developmental Biologists (JSDB) cosponsored by the Asia-Pacific Developmental Biology Network (APDBN) will be held in Matsue in Shimane prefecture from May 28th to 31st 2013.

Matsue is a compact and relaxing town located at about 600 km west of Tokyo and 150 km Northeast of Hiroshima. You can come to Matsue from Izumo airport or Yonago airport in 40 min, or taking JR line from Okayama.
The venue, KUNIBIKI MESSE is close to Matsue station, and most hotels are around the station, which allows you to reach the venue within 10 min walk from your hotels.

In the meeting, we are planning to provide as much time for discussion as possible. For that, all presentations will be presented both in oral and poster. We have a big space where 400 posters of all presentations could be put for discussion during the whole meeting, which is next to or close to the rooms for oral presentation. You can discuss with data and photos by the poster boards after listening the talks, during lunch and rest, and also in the Banquet.

By listening plenty of talks, including those not directly correlated with your work, and discussing with numerous colleagues, you must obtain lots of unexpected knowledge and novel ideas. For young researchers, one of most basic and substantial skills to be learned is to tell the pivotal points of their studies in a limited period. These used to be main purposes of our society meeting, but it has been difficult to get with poster-oriented presentation style these days. Therefore, we should get back to our initial standpoint once again.

Coincidentally, it is 1300 years anniversary for publication of KOJIKI, the oldest Japanese book, describing that Shimane region was a central place in incunabula of Japanese history. We believe Matsue is the best place to return to the origin of our society.

Please come to Matsue and enjoy discussing with many smart heads much more than those of YAMATANO-OROCHI, a mythological monster snake with eight heads as shown in our poster of the meeting.

Lastly, do not miss beautiful sunset on Lake Shinji too.
We look forward to seeing you in Matsue.

Takashi Matsuzaki
Organizing Committee of the 46th annual meeting of JSDB 2013







大会長 松崎 貴(島根大学生物資源科学部)

General Information for Attendance


Kunibiki Messe
1-2-1 Gakuen Minami, Matsue-city, Shimane 690-0826, Japan
Phone:+81-852-24-1111 Fax:+81-852-22-9219

  Official Language  

English will be the official conference language, and no simultaneous translation will be provided. The Satellite Workshops and Public lectures will be held in Japanese.

Instruction for Presentations

Instruction for Presentations


Oral presentations
We generally recommend that speakers use their own PCs for their presentations. Please come to your session room at least 30 min prior to the beginning and connect your PC to a PC switcher. Alternatively, you can also use organizer-provided PCs in the conference rooms, but we do not guarantee device compatibility for each file. Although we can accept data from a USB flash drive or a CD-ROM, it is better to bring your data in at least 2 different methods. Slide projectors or overhead projectors will not be available.

Oral presentation: 8 min for presentation and 4 min for discussion.
Flash Talk: 4 min presentation only.
Satellite Workshops: 10min presentation including discussion.

Attention: Personal computer information
The operating systems of the computer at the meeting venue are Window 7 and Mac OS X 10.6.

Windows format files:
- Please copy your data onto a USB flash drive or a CD-ROM (Windows format).
- The system can support Windows PowerPoint 2003, 2007, and 2010.
- To avoid undesired changes of the slide layouts, we recommend using the following fonts: MS Gothic, MS Mincho, Times New Roman, or Century.

Macintosh format files:
- Please copy your data onto a USB flash drive or CD-ROM (Macintosh format).
- The system can support Macintosh PowerPoint 2004, 2008, and 2011; and Keynote 3, 4, and 5.
- Please use standard fonts installed in the program.
- If your presentation includes movies, please confirm beforehand that they can run properly on another computer. We recommend bringing your own computer to the venue as a backup.

* If your presentation includes movies, please confirm beforehand that they can run properly on another computer, or use your own PC.

For using your own PC:
- We accept Windows (Windows XP or later) or Macintosh (Mac OSX or later) PCs.
- You can use PowerPoint (Windows, Mac) or Keynote (Mac) for presentation.
- Make sure to bring any necessary electrical adaptors and connectors for your computer.
- The meeting venue will provide a Mini D-sub15 pin cable for connecting to PC switchers. Macintosh and certain kinds of Windows computers require an appropriate connector to fit a Mini D-sub15 pin plug.
- Electric power in Matsue is provided at 100V, 60Hz.
- In case your computer does not work, please bring your backup files on a USB flash drive or a CD-ROM.

Poster Presentations
Poster board size: 1200 mm (width) x 2100 mm (height)

• Please leave a 150 mm x 150 mm blank space at the top left corner for the organizing committee to indicate your poster number.
• During your assigned poster presentation time, please stay (or stand) in the vicinity of your poster for explanation.
• Best Presentation Awards will be given for several student presenters. Award winners will be selected using the web voting system by capable participants of the meeting, and will be announced after the meeting.

Mounting: 9:00 - 13:00 on 29 May
Discussion:17:00 - 19:00 on 30 May
          17:00 -18:00 for even number posters
          18:00 - 19:00 for odd number posters
Removal: 12:00 - 16:00 on 31 May

All chairpersons are required to come to their assigned session rooms at least 30 min prior to the start of the session they will chair.


JSDB 2013 in Matsue
Home page :

If you need a visa to enter Japan, please let us know ( and attach a copy of your passport to the email.

Organizing Committee

Takashi Matsuzaki (Shimane Univ.)

Akio Nishikawa (Shimane Univ.)
Takashi Takeuchi (Tottori Univ.)
Yasuaki Shirayoshi (Tottori Univ.)
Hiroyuki Takeda (Univ. of Tokyo)
Atsuko Sehara (Kyoto Univ.)
Toshihiko Fujimori (National Institute for Basic Biology)
Shigeo Hayashi (RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology)
Yuji Kageyama (Kobe Univ.)
Mikiko Miura (Shimane Univ.)
Noritaka Hirohashi (Shimane Univ.)
Toshinori Hayashi (Tottori Univ.)