Dates: May 18 (Wed) - May 21 (Sat), 2011
Site: Okinawa Convention Center(Okinawa)
Chairperson: Ichiro Masai 
(Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Corporation)
Language: May 19 - 21 (English)
 May 18 (Japanese)

The total number of participants was 640, and 122 out of the 640 were participants from abroad. Thank you very much for all of the vibrant presentations, discussions, and exhibitions!

Poster Awards

 Dear all invited speakers and oversea participants

We enclose herewith the announcement from the President of Japanese Society of Developmental Biologists, Dr. Kiyogazu Agata. In accordance with his statement, Okinawa is safe, because it is an island in the most south area of Japan and far from earthquake-damaged areas. All committee members are now intensively preparing the program and venue issues of this Okinawa meeting. We deeply appreciate it if you could come to Okinawa and share high-qualified biological sciences with Japanese and oversea participants.

With best wishes,
Ichiro MASAI, a chair of the committee of 44th annual meeting at Okinawa

letter from president of JSDB
Information on Radiation Safety in Japan