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Call for Late Breaking Abstracts


第50回大会では232件の一般演題のご応募をいただき有難うございました。現在、プログラム編成を行っているところですが、IT化により要旨集編成が柔軟になったこともあり、Late Breaking Abstractを受け付けることといたしました。新しいホットなデータが得られた方,科研費の交付決定を待っておられた方はぜひ奮ってご応募ください。


発表条件:ポスターのみ。インターネット上での要旨閲覧システム(Web Abstract Book)にて閲覧、検索が可能です。

Dear Colleagues of APDBN,

We are pleased to announce that 50th JSDB meeting organizing committee has decided to accept "Late Breaking Abstracts" for poster presentation. Please use the attached submission form and send an electronic copy to the JSDB office by e-mail (jsdb2017@jsdb.jp). All abstracts can be viewed by “Web Abstract Book” and subjected to keyword search through the Internet. Those who have hot new results are welcome to apply.
We accept abstracts from March 21 to April 5.

Submission form [Word 20KB] [PDF 64KB]

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Important Dates

Online Registration and Abstract submission startJanuary 5 (Thu), 2017
Abstract submission deadlineJanuary 16 (Mon) January 23 (Mon), 2017 (Japan Time 18:00)
Online Registration deadlineApril 7(Fri), 2017
Payment deadlineApril 7(Fri), 2017
(Note that payment later than 4/7 costs extra charge)

JSDB members require their ID number and password to register.
When you submit your abstract, you will also be automatically registered to participate in the meeting.
You do not need to sign-up separately to participate in the meeting.

Abstract submission
January 5 (Thu) - January 16 (Mon) January 23 (Mon) JST18:00, 2017

● In principle, general abstract submission is restricted to JSDB members. If you are not yet a member, please complete registration to become JSDB member first before registering your abstract. Please note that it takes approximately one week for the JSDB membership application to be processed.
※ Only one abstract may be submitted per presenter (participant). Invited speakers will not be able to submit abstracts through the Abstract Submission portal. However, they may be included as a co-author for a presentation by another participant.
※ Please complete payment of participation fees by the deadline. If payment is not received by the payment deadline, your early registration will be canceled, and you will need to register on-site.

Abstract submission

ISDB members
APDBN members

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Procedures for Abstract submission

1. Click the link that applies to you
AJSDB member and presenterOnline Abstract submission for JSDB Member
BISDB/APDBN member and presenter
(Non-Japanese, Residing overseas)
Online Abstract submission for ISDB/APDBN Member
(Non-Japanese, Residing overseas)
CInvited Speaker(Non-member)Online Abstract submission for Invited Speaker
2. Follow the directions listed on the site to registering your abstract.
3. If your abstract has been registered correctly, an automated confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address entered during the registration process. Please confirm the User ID (en000xxx) and password contained in the e-mail.
4. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, please contact the meeting secretariat at jsdb2017@jsdb.jp as there is a possibility that your registration was incomplete.
5. In principle, the deadline for abstract submission will not be extended. In addition, new submissions or modifications to contents of the submitted abstract will not be accepted after the deadline.

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Important detail for Abstract submission

Official language for presentations: English

Presentation Format
Select up to one presentation format
Talks (Prearranged by Organizers)
 1. Plenary Lecture
 2. Symposium
 3. Workshops
Talks (Selected from applicants)
 4. Symposium “Organogenesis” (selected from applicants)
 5. Symposium “Neurogenesis” (selected from applicants)
 6. Symposium “Technology (genome editing, big data)” (selected from applicants)
 7. Symposium “Theory & Modeling (imaging)” (selected from applicants)
 8. Oral Presentation (in English) Only
 9. Oral Presentation (in English) + Poster
10. Satellite Workshop (in Japanese) + Poster
11. Poster Only

Symposium(selected from applicants) → rejection → Oral Presentation Only → rejection → Poster Only
Oral Presentation + Poster → rejection → Poster Only
Satellite Workshop + Poster → rejection → Poster Only

Poster Awards
Eligible participants: Students or young research scientists (received Ph.D. within last five years) who wish to be considered for the poster awards.

The list of Category
Select up to three categories most appropriate for your
1Differentiation9Neural Development
2Developmental Physiology & Mechanobiology10Patterming, Organogenesis
3Early development11Regeneration, Metamorphosis
4Evolution (EcoEvoDevo, EvoDevo)12Stem cell, Germ cell
5Epigenetics, Genomics (comparative genomics)13Technology (genome editing, bioinfomatics, big data)
6Environment, Nutrition, Metabolism14Theoretical biology, Modeling, Imaging
7Fertilization, gametogenesis, reproduction15Other important fields in developmental biology
8Growth, Developmental timing
Length of Abstract
Abstract body should be written in English.
Also, it is required to be max 1,600 one-byte characters.

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Changing or Cancelling Abstract Submission.
Changing or canceling of abstract submission can be done online by using the User ID (en000xxx) and password sent to you in the confirmation e-mail. Please note that changing or canceling will not be accepted after the abstract submission deadline.

If you need help, Go to "Instructions for Registration".
Changing or Cacelling Abstract submission
Please use the user ID and password that were e-mailed to you to confirm
your Abstract Submission or your request for a change or cancel.

User ID: ( en000XXX )


System requirements
1.  Please use one of the following internet browsers:
Internet Explorer (version 5 or later), Netscape (version 7 or later)
2.  This registration system uses JavaScript and cookies.
Your current browser settings are as follows:

If you see "disabled" or "unknown" in the above brackets, please change your browser settings to enable both JavaScript and cookies.
3.  When using this registration system, please do not use the "Back" or "Forward" button of your browser.

Inquiries about the 50th Annual Meeting of JSDB

Please direct your inquiries to either of the following addresses:
JSDB 2017 in Tokyo
2-2-3 Minatojimaminami, Chuo-ku,
Kobe 650-0047, Japan

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