Call for Late Breaking Abstract


第48回大会では251件の一般演題のご応募をいただきプログラム編成を行いました。本大会で進めておりますIT化により要旨集編成が柔軟にできる事から、Late Breaking Abstractを受け付ける事といたしました。新しいホットなデータが得られた方,科研費の交付決定を待っておられた方などにはぜひ奮ってご応募ください。


Dear Scientists of APDBN,

We are pleased to announce that 48th JSDB meeting organizing committee has decided to accept "Late Breaking Abstract" for poster presentation. Please use the attached submission form and send an electronic copy to the JSDB office ( Those who have hot new results are welcome to apply.

                         Submission form  [Word 20KB] [PDF 17KB]

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Important Dates

Registration and submission of abstracts start1/19 (Mon), 2015
Abstract submission deadline2/5 (Thu), 2015 (Japan Time 18:00) 2/12 (Thu), 2015 (Japan Time 18:00)
Registration deadline4/13 (Mon), 2015
Payment deadline4/13 (Mon), 2015
(Note that payment later than 4/13 costs extra charge)
On-site registration6/2 (Tue) - 5 (Fri), 2015

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Registration Fee (JPY)

MembershipRegistration feeConference Dinner FeeReception Fee
Undergraduate student¥0¥0¥3,000¥4,000¥1,000
Invited Speakers (Non-Member)FreeFree

※Conference Dinner:June 4 (Thu) 2015, 19:00-21:00
※Reception:June 2 (Tue) 2015, 19:00-21:00

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Online Registration

Please click here online registration. -> [ online registration ]
Registration and submission of abstracts start is January 19, 2015

Official language for presentations: English

Presentation Format
※You can select your presentation format.
1. Oral Presentation (in English)
2. Flash Talk (in English) + Poster
3. Poster Only

The list of Category
※You can select up to two categories each CLASS, most appropriate for your abstract.


01Early embryogenesis02Morphogenesis03Organogenesis
04Neural Development05Reproduction06Gametogenesis
07Sex determination08Regeneration09Behavior


14Stem cells15Cell differentiation16Cell migration
17Cell proliferation18Cell death19Chronobiology
20Gene expression21Epigenetics22Signaling in development
23Evolution24Technology25Theoretical approach
26System biology27Other

Length of Abstract
Abstract body should be written in English. Also, it is required to be max 1,600 one-byte characters.

Regarding Poster Awards

Eligible participants:
Students or young research scientists (received Ph.D. within last five years) who wish to be considered for the poster awards

How to apply:
When submitting your abstract, place a check in the box next to “I would like to be considered for the poster awards.”

Eligible Voters:
Organizing committee members, DGD editorial committee members, and any PI who would like to vote.

Award ceremony:
The award ceremony will be held during the reception on June 4 (tentative).

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