Instruction for Presentations

Instruction for Presentations

Oral presentation
1. Presentation time
   Oral presentation: 12 min for presentation and 3 min for discussion.
2. Computer for oral presentation
   Basically, presentation shall be given with your own laptop.
   Please do not forget to bring your laptop.
   ◦ Make sure to bring any necessary electrical adaptors and connectors for your
   ◦ The meeting venue will provide a Mini D-sub15 pin cable for connecting to PC
    Macintosh and certain kinds of Windows computers require an appropriate connector
    to fit a Mini D-sub15 pin plug.
   ◦ Electric power in Tsukuba is provided at 100V, 50Hz.
  Just in case your computer does not work properly, some back-up computers
  (both Win and Mac) will be prepared. Please make sure to bring a memory storage
  device including your presentation file.
3. Presentation registration
   Please come to your session room at 20 min prior to the beginning of the talk and
   connect your PC to a PC switcher.

Flash Talk
1. Regarding flash talk
  In your Flash talk, please give a simple summary of what your poster is about.
  Please avoid presenting specific data.
2. Presentation time
  Flash talks are 3 min in length. There is no Q & A. When three minutes are up,
  the slides will automatically be removed from the screen.
  We would appreciate your cooperation in keeping to the allotted time to ensure that
  the session runs smoothly.
3. Presentation data
  Please submit your presentation data in advance between May 21 (Thu) and
  May 28 (Thu)
. Submit to:

   ◦ Please make a PDF file of your presentation. Other file types, such as
    PowerPoint and Keynote, are NOT allowed.

   ◦ First slide should include your name, affiliation, presentation title, and subject number.
   ◦ Your presentation should be no more than three slides long.
   ◦ A name of the PDF file is “Subject number (Presenter name)“.
    Example:FT01-01(Taro Nihon)

   ◦ File size should be less than 5 MB.
   ◦ Please do not lock your file with a password.
  *The presentation data received for the Flash Talk will only be used on the day of
   the presentation.
  We will not upload it to the web or publish it in other media. The data will be deleted
  after the session.
  **If presentation data is not received by the deadline, your slot will be canceled.
4. Presentation method
  A computer will be prepared for the presentations. Presentation data submitted in
  advance will be pre-installed in the computer prepared for the presentations. You will
  not be able to use your own computers for the presentation. Please submit you
  presentation data by the deadline. Please come to the venue for the Flash Talks
  before your presentation starts.

Poster Presentations
Poster board size: 900 mm (width)×2,100 mm (height)
♢  Please leave a 210 mm ×150 mm blank space at the top left corner for the organizing
   committee to indicate your poster number.
♢  Please stay (or stand) in the vicinity of your poster for explanation during your assigned
   discussion time. Be sure that every poster presenter is assigned to explain his/her
   poster on both Day 1 and Day 2.

Mounting:9:00-12:00 on Day1 (June 3)
Day1(June 3)
17:00-17:45 for odd number posters
17:45-18:30 for even number posters
Day2(June 4)
17:00-18:00 for even number posters
18:00-19:00 for odd number posters
Removal:9:00-13:30 on Day3 (June 5)

Poster Awards
Eligible participants are students or young research scientists (received Ph.D. within last five years) who wish to be considered for the poster awards. Organizing committee members, and day0 special presenters and the Dean of JSDB will vote. The award ceremony will be held during the reception held during conference dinner on Day2 (June 4).

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